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Are you going through separation and are worried about obtaining custody of your child or children? This is one of the most challenging issues divorcing parents face when deciding to end their marriage legally.

When your divorce concludes, your life will change, and so will your children’s.

If you want full custody or visitation of your children, you have found the right law firm with Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC. Our Honolulu child custody lawyer has been helping families with family law matters for over 16 years and is adept at guiding our clients through some of the most challenging divorce proceedings.

What Type Of Lawyer Handles Child Custody?

The type of lawyer that handles child custody cases includes practicing many other areas in family law related to one another. Many skilled family law attorneys are highly experienced in representing clients with various needs.

For instance, a person can be going through a difficult divorce while also dealing with support, parental rights, and spousal support matters.

Do I Need A Lawyer For Child Custody?

Going to court generally means the parents cannot find a solution, and filing for custody might become more complicated without a child custody attorney. Therefore, you should hire an attorney that will make sure you thoroughly understand the Hawaii child custody laws and prepare your strategy in the courtroom.

Reach a child custody attorney today by calling 808-201-3898. We provide free consultations to all our clients in Hawaii.

Understanding Child Custody

If you intend to fight for custody and visitation of your children, you should familiarize yourself with what this means.

There are different types of custody, and you and your spouse will need to discuss them before your divorce can be finalized.

If you wish to keep the courts out of your custody battle, you must reach an amicable child custody agreement with your spouse.

At Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC, our child custody lawyers are experienced in handling sensitive custody battles and can offer you solid legal representation.

Our firm helps families understand the various types of custody, including:

  • Physical Custody- When one parent lives with the child full-time
  • Legal Custody- When the parents have the right to make legal decisions concerning essential matters
  • Joint Custody- When the child spends an equal amount of time with both parents
  • Split Custody- When one parent has custody of one or more children, while the other parent has custody of the remaining children

Reaching out to an experienced lawyer should be a top priority if you discuss your custody options.

Child custody can affect your children for the rest of their lives; this is an issue you want to approach carefully proceeding with your separation.

If you are ready to proceed, our Honolulu family lawyer takes pride in his performance and is driven by his passion for helping families get through tough times. So let our law firm help.

Who Has Custody of a Child When the Parents Are Not Married in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, either parent should acquire legal custody of the child, even if neither parent is married legally. A lot of unmarried mothers believe they are entitled to full custody. On the contrary, the court will grant full custody if a mother does not put the father’s name on the birth certificate.

How to Prove a Parent Unfit

It can become emotional and intense when fighting for custody between both parties. This may lead them to accuse each other of being unfit. An unfit parent is seen as someone unable to care for a child due to multiple factors discussed further below.

It is important to remember that the court must rule in favor the child’s best interests. Therefore, while you may see a concern for your child, it is essential to consider that any claims presented may be brought into an investigation.

The judge may assign a professional evaluator to review the allegations stated if necessary.

These are a few factors of what the judge may rule as an unfit parent:

  • The parent has a history of domestic violence, substance or alcohol abuse
  • The parent has a mental health disorder that inhibits them from carrying out their role as provider
  • The parent has not shown interest in the child’s life, nor have they shown the willingness to resolve their issues with the other parent.

If the court suspects or has determined any false claims, this may result in additional loss of custody, contempt of court charges, or criminal charges of custodial inference. Please consult with our child custody attorney about your parental rights today.

Look no further than Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC. Our Honolulu attorney is dedicated to handling sensitive cases with accessibility and precision.

Call our law firm today at (808) 201-3898!


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