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Are you or a loved one looking to get a restraining order against a spouse? At Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC, we understand that this can be a frightening time for your family, and this is why he strives to provide competent legal representation for every client. While some marriages can end amicably, some, unfortunately, lead to animosity. If you are being abused, seeking a temporary restraining order should be a top priority.

We can help you receive the protection you need from behaviors such as:

  • Stalking
  • Physical abuse such as kicking, hitting, choking, etc.
  • Other violent actions
  • Verbal abuse

If you are considering filing for a restraining order against your spouse, we have been dealing with complex divorce matters since 2005 and is well-equipped to help you during this difficult time.

Don't wait for matters to get worse. Our Honolulu attorney can provide the strong representation you need during this difficult time. Call us today at (808) 201-3898!

What is a Restraining Order?

Are you being abused, harassed, or threatened by your spouse? You should consider filing for a restraining order. A restraining order is a court order that is signed by a judge. The order prevents the alleged abuser from coming into contact with the person who filed the order. It serves a big purpose: to prevent your spouse from inflicting physical, mental, or emotional duress onto you and/or your family. Furthermore, if the alleged abuser violates his/her restraining order, he/she can be arrested and put in jail.

At Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC, our Honolulu restraining order lawyer aims to guide our clients through one of the most strenuous time in their life. Our family law firm is proud of what we offer our clients, including:

  • Over 16 years' experience handling complex family law matters
  • Full and well-rounded understanding of your case
  • Competence and accessibility
  • Free case evaluations

If you need help with filing for a restraining order, we can help. Our family law firm has the experience and competency needed to handle some of the most sensitive divorce issues.

Get access to our competent Honolulu lawyer by calling (808) 201-3898. Our family law firm can provide the dedicated help you need.


  • Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC He not only gave me a fair and equitable retainer fee, he got the results I was looking for.
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  • Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC Did a great job of being a friend as well as attorney.
  • Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC They will always have your back, these family lawyers are second to none!!
  • Sturdivant & Associates, LLLC Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
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